Alex Corporan Q&A

We recently sat down with New York skate icon Alex Corporan to talk skate, New York and his history with Airwalk. Check out the interview below:

-Where are your favorite spots to skate that aren’t NY?
Any spots that my friends take me to in their part of town.

-Skating NY has to be unique to any spot in the world. What’s the craziest stuff that’s gone done while you’ve been out skating?
Well I really can’t define crazy. Everyday someone ends up doing something so rad. But I do enjoy watching Luis Tolentino Ollie over everything in his way.

-What is your first memory of the Airwalk brand?
The ads, they were pretty much to the point it was about skateboarding.

-What was your favorite Airwalk shoe when your rode for the brand back in the day?
I liked the Enigmas and the Prototype.

-What Airwalk team rider over the years stands out the most to you?
From the squad back in the days, it would Matt Hensley, Tommy Guerrero, Danny Way, Jason Lee, Andy Stone etc…..
From the existing riders Mike Vallely because he’s still killing it.

-What is the biggest differences between the NY skate scene when you were growing up and now?
The scene has grown immensely which is a positive thing, Also a huge amount of skate parks being built in all the 5 boroughs.

-What is the one thing that has kept you in the skate industry for so long?
The love for skateboarding and the energy it brings. It’s a great feeling skating with your friends anywhere around the world.

- Tell us about your biggest skate fall/injury?
Getting hit by a car full on, and not skating! Go figure, hahaha!!

- If you could change one thing about the skate industry, what would it be?
People that are dipping their hands in the skateboarding industry/culture that don’t know much about us. They need to do their Homework, History and ask the people that live and die for it questions and understand what we’re about.

-What sort of progression would you like to see out of Airwalk in the next few years?
I like to see Airwalk keep to their skating roots and continue supporting the scene.

- Advice to young skaters today?
Skate to have fun and Live to Skate

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