Already Famous in the DR Update #2

The past few days have been amazing. The group has been putting on the skate clinics with the children of the D.R.E.A.M Project. Throughout this past week, we would go to the school and put on demos for bright-eyed youths in different age groups. Each demo was followed by skate clinics run by us. I went into each one with the same sense of uneasiness. Not because I was nervous for myself or my fellow skaters, as we were all confident in and aware of our own and each other’s ability. My uneasiness came from not wanting to let the children down. For many of them, it was their first experience with skateboarding and for ALL of them it was their first experience with US professional skateboarders interacting with them on this level. It was up to us to show skateboarding as being fun and accessible. Being one of the people responsible for young attentive and impressionable minds first impressions of skateboarding felt like a lot of pressure initially but I always got over it quickly after seeing how psyched the kids were on the whole experience, and how eager they were to learn about us as well as just how skateboarding works.

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