Already Famous & HHF Visit DR

A few months ago, Airwalk got word that the Harold Hunter Foundation was planning its first international service trip. The NYC-based organization was teaming up with the DREAM Project in the Dominican Republic to share the power of skateboarding. An American and Dominican non-profit organization, the DREAM (Dominican Republic Education and Mentoring) Project offers quality education for more than 3,000 children annually through 24 programs in 11 different DR communities. HHF will be hosting several skate clinics in Cabarete, DR and providing skate gear to area youth through one of the many DREAM programs. Not wanting to miss out on such a great trip for an amazing cause, Airwalk has sent Already Famous skate ambassadors Wade Yates and Justin Kinard on the service trip. Justin and Wade will be sending us updates throughout the trip.
UPDATE: You can now read all of Justin and Wade’s updates: 
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Here are Justin’s thoughts as they prepare to embark:

So here we sit; our bags packed, anxiously waiting till it’s time to make our way to the airport and I can’t shake this feeling of adventure. This surely isn’t the first skate trip Wade and I have been on together; but this one is different from all the others for many reasons.

First off, it’s our first international skateboarding mission; Secondly (what makes this so different from the others) is the purpose of this particular trip. You see we’ve been on the usual go here, and skate wearing this and representing that brand for the sake of representation or bolstering sales; This, trip however is bigger than that, bigger than us. This trip is about spreading the life-changing power of skateboarding. It’s about giving some much-needed attention to a skate scene in its infancy in a country where a good many people aren’t as well off as even middle class folk here. We are on this mission as ambassadors.

All of the thanks I’ve gotten from kids over there in my inbox and the general excitement I see before we’ve even arrived reminds me how important this all is and that it awards me the opportunity to create some unforgettable memories for a whole lot of kids. It humbles, excites and entices me all at once. Nothing will be the same after this trip is over. Not for the skaters of the Dominican Republic and most assuredly not for us.

–Justin B. Kinard

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