Q & A with Tulio Oliveira

Airwalk skater Tulio Oliveira has been all around the globe over the past few years. Between competing in Street competitions in Shanghai to hosting Skate Competitions in Sao Paulo Tulio stays pretty busy. While we’ve kept you up to date with his skate accomplishments, we felt like you should get to know the man behind the deck.

Airwalk: If you were the star of a reality show what would the show be called?

TO: A SKATE LIFE with Tulio Oliveira

Airwalk: Outside of action sports what would be your dream sponsor deal?

TO: Mercedes

Airwalk: If you could see any band play, past or present, who would it be?

TO: Notorious BIG

Airwalk: What’s the most embarrassing band or artist on your ipod?


Airwalk: Who’s the best James Bond?

TO: Pierce Bronson

Airwalk: Do you have a good luck charm that you take with you when you travel?

TO: I have a necklace that my mom gave to me that I never take off.

Airwalk: If your skate style were an animal, what would it be?

TO: I would have to say an eagle.

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