Q and A with Mike Vallely

We all know Mike V. is a legend in the skate park, but often a man of few words. We shot over some question in hopes that we could get a slightly different look into the life of one of our favorite skaters. Check out what he had to say.

Airwalk: If you were the star of a reality show what would the show be called?

Mike V: I almost had a reality show… I shot a pilot for MTV in 2007. It was called Mike V Versus The World. I am thankful everyday that it was rejected.

Airwalk: Outside of action sports what would be your dream sponsor deal?

Mike V: Apple Computers.

Airwalk: If you could see any band play, past or present, who would it be?

Mike V: Springsteen in the 70′s.

Airwalk: What’s the most embarrassing band or artist on your ipod?

Mike V: I’m not embarrassed by any of it but I’m sure there’s some stuff on there that would make others cringe. Journey or the Bee Gees maybe.

Airwalk: Who’s the best James Bond?

Mike V: I’ve never watched these films but Roger Moore was in Cannonball Run playing the Bond character… So, I’ll go with Roger Moore.

Airwalk: Do you have a good luck charm that you take with you when you travel?

Mike V: No. I’ve shaken all superstition from my life. That kind of stuff can be a real burden.

Airwalk:If your skate style were an animal, what would it be?

Mike V: An elephant.