Mt. Ollie x Airwalk

For the second year, Airwalk and the Harold Hunter Foundation have teamed up to provide free weekly summer skate clinics to the youth in Brownsville, Brooklyn with the help of Mt. Ollie Baptist Church. This year members of the Airwalk flow team joined Instructors (age 18-26) and volunteers (age 15-17), all of whom live in Brownsville or surrounding neighborhoods, to help teach a crew of 20 kids age 6-13 to skate. Check out our video filmed by HHF Filmer Project interns Javier Lopez and Ambar Cruceta, and edited by Ambar.

Anastasia Ashley’s 2014 Video

Have you ever wondered what the perfect life would be like? We think Anastasia Ashley has it figured out. Surfing the best breaks, exploring world-renowned beaches and traveling the globe all while wearing the latest fashions and cute shoes…sounds like a dream! Anastasia’s 2014 Airwalk video shows us just how she does it and we are stoked to present it to you!

Andy Mac’s 2014 Video

Andy Macdonald is at it again in his 2014 video shredding Southern California pools, parks and ditches in true Andy Mac style.

Airwalk Women’s Summer/Fall 2014 Collection Video

We’re stoked to introduce the Airwalk Women’s Summer/Fall 2014 Collection video featuring Airwalk surfer Anastasia Ashley. Produced in Malibu, CA and directed by Zoey Grossman.

The Shoe Of Summer – Riviera LX

Here at Airwalk we love summer. More sun. More sand. More surf. More fun. And more chances to wear cute shoes that look and feel like everything that is great about this time of the year. Introducing the Riviera LX, Airwalk’s first official shoe of summer. Designed to be super comfortable and almost forgettably lightweight, the Riviera LX is going to make everything you wear this time of the year that much more summery. Which we think is a pretty good thing. Available now only on

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Carlo Carezzano – Go Skate Day 2014

Airwalk skater Carlo Carezzano spent the spring tearing up the streets of NYC and it looks like his summer will be no different! Carlo and thousands of other skateboarders rang in the first day of summer by shredding NYC streets and skateparks for Go Skateboarding Day 2014. Video by @DirtyDirtKid.

The One Is Back – In All Black

The shoe that started it all is back. The ONE was originally designed to be a mix of old and new. Of performance and casual. Of street and classic athletic styling. Whatever the plan was it worked as the ONE became the most popular style in the history of Airwalk and one of the most iconic sneakers of all time. And now it is back in a classic colorway pulled straight from the Airwalk vault. Available only on

Get The One-All Black

2014 Battle For the Bronx

In 2014 Airwalk continues its support and partnership with the Harold Hunter Foundation. One of the components of the partnership is the Airwalk flow team of NYC-based skateboarders. On May 17th this team along with Airwalk am Carlo Carezzano competed in the 6th Annual Battle For The Bronx. A local event produced by Indigenous Skateboard owner Alberto Correa, the Battle For The Bronx was community organized, skater run and full of amazing energy and sick skating. Check out our video from the event filmed by Angel Fonseca and edited by Ambar Cruceta, both HHF Filmer Project interns.

The Sorry is Back

When the Sorry was originally released by Airwalk in the early 90′s it was nothing to apologize for. This classic shoe was only called the Sorry because we were sorry we didn’t come out with them sooner. A skate-worthy shoe with casual styling, the Sorry left you with no regrets. So to help make amends, we are re-releasing the original Sorry for the first time since 1993. So check ‘em out and we promise….you won’t be sorry. Available only on

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The Airwalk Women’s Parker

Meet Parker. The latest style from the Airwalk Women’s Collection and your new goes-with-everything casual sneaker. Designed to be slimmer, more feminine and super comfortable, the Parker features a soft suede or canvas upper, an ultra-cushioned insole and a lightweight, flexible outsole. A fashion essential for Spring and Summer. Get yours exclusively in our online shop!

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