Carlo Carezzano – Go Skate Day 2014

Airwalk skater Carlo Carezzano spent the spring tearing up the streets of NYC and it looks like his summer will be no different! Carlo and thousands of other skateboarders rang in the first day of summer by shredding NYC streets and skateparks for Go Skateboarding Day 2014. Video by @DirtyDirtKid.

Already Famous – Wade Yates

This last summer, we sent Already Famous team to the Mt. Ollie Church to help the Harold Hunter Foundation out with a skate clinic for the local kids. Aside from having the raddest name for a church, the guys were obviously really stoked to chip in on this really great cause. Check out the video above, which highlights AF crew member, Wade Yates.

Event Recap: We Out Here Screening

Last night at the Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn, NY, we served up a screening of our skate micro-documentary, We Out Here. Along with the current Already Famous skate team, the rest of the stars of the documentary, as well as industry folk and journalists were on hand for the viewing. Here’s a few of our favorite pics. When you’re done checking them out, head over to Fader to check out their full recap including the streaming documentary.

HHF Collection

We’re stoked to announce the release of our Hunter Collection today! This two piece collection features the Hunter shoe, which fuses skateability and street style. This limited edition release is made up with a suede upper, vulcanized sole and a gum rubber bottom. Right along side it is the Hunter tee, sporting one of Harold Hunter’s most classic quotes. A portion of all sales goes to benefit the Harold Hunter Foundation.

Already Famous Crew in Brooklyn

Photographer Paul Park was slated with following our Already Famous crew around the streets of Brooklyn to capture a day in the life of these guys. Skaters Justin Kinard and Wade Yates had a full day of hanging with little kids, stopping by a local sub shop and of course hitting up the best shred spots in the city.

Check out the full album on Already Famous facebook page.

Go Skate Day 2013

The Already Famous Crew was out in full force for Go Skateboarding Day in New York on Friday. The day started in Queens and spread across the Williamsburg Bridge. From there a massive session developed in the LES at Coleman park. Crazy day and here’s our killer video recapping one of our favorite days of the year. #goskateboardingday.

Music by: Frank Remarks
C.A.R.S- ft. Geechi Suede of CampLo
Director of Photography: Paul Park
Editing: Paul Park
Producer: Alex Corporan

AF Crew Hits Up Philly AM

The Already Famous Crew piled into a team van and headed to Philadelphia for the Philly AM contest.

The BEST part about the contest was traveling and skating with the homies. Once we got there and the sponsored part of the contest began, the crew noticed immediately that the purpose of the contest was more about showcasing the locals. Sadly, it wasn’t about rewarding genuine effort and talent and whomever did the best that day. Realizing what was up actually took a lot of pressure off the group and we were able to just shrug it off and have fun. All in all we made the best of it and had a blast. Would we do it again if we didn’t have to? Probably not.

- Justin Kinard

Already Famous in the DR Update #3

The craziest day of the entire trip was our second to last day in the DR. The time: about 3 p.m. or so. Location: Puerto Plata. The temperature: blazing. We drove up to the spot of our last demo location and there was a DJ booth already set up and blasting tunes. Amidst all that was the most beautiful sight I’ve seen in a while – skaters, and lots of them. There were at least 30 kids; skating the small kicker, grindbox and flat bar that had been set up for us. It felt like home immediately. The only awkward point being when one of the girls (Maricella) interrupted one of my conversations and remarked how much she liked my ass. Something about it being big. So very strange. However, the cheers, applause and fist bumps the locals exchanged with us as we skated among them only magnified the feeling of home and proved that skateboarding transcends race, language and borders. We finished up the demo and skated with the locals to the only skate shop in the area aptly named “Skaters”.

The ride to the shop was quite an experience for all of us, including the pedestrians of Puerto Plata. It was clear that a bunch of skaters skating at top speed through streets, skitching dirt bikes, mopeds and cars was not a sight they were used to seeing. We finally got to the shop and tore it up on their mini ramp for a bit. I stood back to take a breather amazed at how well the locals skated the small ramp (which was definitely in need of much TLC) when I felt a hand on my left cheek. I turned around to see who else but Maricella yet again giggling. It was still very awkward. After mingling with all the skaters for a bit, we started the signing.

Aside from a dude (who I hoped was joking) shook my hand, looked me in the eyes and said “I love your ass, man,” the signing was solid. What exactly is it with Dominicans and my ass? Once that was through we started the product toss, carefully choosing those with the worst looking wood to give the decks to and threw everything else out into the clamoring hands. We then escaped into the van, still signing and high-fiving as we made our way to the vehicle.

All in all, I think the last day was just as crazy as it was supposed to be. I had the time of my life in the Dominican Republic and I damn sure am not looking forward to saying goodbye to this beautiful island. To any and all skate companies reading this – GO OUT THERE. Figure out what you can do to help build the scene. Get them better parks, cheaper skate products or even just year-round clinics. Please, as there is a lot of potential in this little island. They just need the right push.

Oh, and Maricella…I’m going to need to see some I.D.

– Justin Brandon Kinard

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Already Famous in the DR Update #1

We just received another update from Justin. Check out what he and Wade are up to down in the Dominican Republic.

After having done the demo and signing I’m trying hard to find an adequate word to explain the experience.

Cool, isn’t enough; Awesome doesn’t cut it. Even amazing falls slightly short. How changing. Yes, life-changing should suffice. I’ll start with the signing. We arrived to a crowd of maybe 20-30 kids. Some of them were skating off the stage, the others talking while others watched us comes in and set our stuff down. I’ve grown used to the look on their faces by now seeing as how that’s how every native had looked at us since we got on the plane. It was one of curious examination. Amusing in that it reminded me that I wasn’t as good as I thought at blending in, but not at all too off-putting. As the table began to get set up with product, and I started skating the stage as well, more kids started pouring in. The original plan was to just throw out some products, sign some things and shut it down, but after watching the kids huck themselves off the stage, we knew we just HAD to have a contest. After about 30 minutes of watching the local talent and distributing prizes, it was time for the signing. Seeing as how I am by no means famous (at least not in my own eyes) it felt a little strange signing autographs for the delighted faces that lined up to greet us.

Even stranger was the numerous requests for photos we got when it was all over.

As I posed for photo after photo, I began to realize that it didn’t matter to these kids whether or not they we were professional skateboarders as it’s defined in America, it didn’t matter if they even knew our names; the skaters of D.R. were just happy to see that someone cared enough to come to their country and support their scene.

There is A LOT of talent in the Dominican Republic. My wish is that other companies will make the effort to come out here, see and support their scene. Build some new and much needed parks.

We held the demo at Montecino skate park, the only skate park in Zona Colonia and one that could definitely use some love.
(If any skatepark-building foundation is reading, take notice) But I digress. All in all it was a blast. We managed to put on a pretty crazy demo, the cheers and applause almost never stopped.

After an insane product toss where we gave boards to the kids whose boards were the worst and the hungry little shredders took even the shirt off my back, we gave away a few more autographs, some photos ops and escaped into the van to relax, pack and get ready to get back on the road to Cabarete the following morning.

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Airwalk x Already Famous Event

Last week, Airwalk and Already Famous hosted a blowout at The Paper Box in Brooklyn. Attendees graciously donated $5 at the door towards the Harold Hunter Foundation before heading into the venue, where they could sip Sailor Jerry cocktails, skate the backyard ramp or take part in the T-shirt press that was set up on-site. Complete with DJ sets from Venus X and Helen Harris, performances from Black Dave and Johnny Nelson, the night rounded out with an energy-packed performance from rapper Juicy J.