Q & A with Anastasia Ashley

Airwalk surfer Anastasia Ashley leads a busy life. She’s obviously an accomplished pro surfer, but she also attends photo shoots, beach clean-ups, and is known to party, from time to time. Since a lot of you already know these things about her, we wanted you to hear a few other random tidbits as well.

Airwalk: If you were the star of a reality show what would the show be called?

AA: Probably Anastasia’s Wild Life, or Anastasia’s Crazy Adventures, or maybe if I was lucky Anastasia Boo Boo.

Airwalk: Outside of action sports what would be your dream sponsor deal?

AA: Most definitely Starbucks, you can never go wrong with too much coffee!

Airwalk: If you could see any band play, past or present, who would it be?

AA: I have always wanted to see U2 in concert, I have never seen them, so they are the one band I hope to wipe off them my bucket list.

Airwalk: What’s the most embarrassing band or artist on your ipod?

AA: Probably Miley Cyrus, I love her music. It’s pretty catchy even though it’s straight cheesy pop.

Airwalk: Who’s the best James Bond?

AA: Pierce Bronson, no competition. He’s my favorite, but if I was to pick a second place it would be Sean Connery.

Airwalk: Do you have a good luck charm that you take with you when you travel?

AA: Yes, my cute stuffed animals. (did I really admit that?)

Airwalk: If your surf style were an animal, what would it be?

AA:Definitely a cat, because it’s fierce and feisty!