Andy Mac Wins Gold In China

Andy Macdonald took the top spot on the podium after an amazing showing at the mini mega contest. He also landed 3rd place in the vert contest. Sounds like he had quite the trip out to Shanghai. Way to go Andy!

An Update from Warren

This was my first surf trip back from breaking my leg. I was hoping to grab some entries for “Wave Of The Summer Contest,” but I ended up catching the swell a few days after the contest ended. Either way it was a great trip. I was a bit under gunned board wise and apprehensive of my recent injury but once I got a couple good ones I felt right at home. I’m stoked to be dusting off the cob webs in such an awesome place.

- Warren Metcalfe

Already Famous Twitter Contest!

How does Airwalk kick off a rad new project? We throw an epic party in NYC with performances by Mellow Hype and Venus X. As you can imagine this party is maxed out, but we’ve got a guest list spot with guaranteed admittance for you and 3 of your friends to get in to this exclusive event. We’ll also be hooking you up with brand new pairs of Blue Suede ONES that we’ll ship to each of you after the party. Pretty sick, right?

Before we tell you how to enter, please read the RULES:
- You and your 3 friends MUST be 21 or older
- This is just for admittance into the party. Winning DOES NOT include transportation of any kind.
- You are responsible for getting yourself to and from the show which is located at 99 Attorney St. on the Lower East Side in Manhattan.

Enough with the rules already, check out how you can enter below.
1.Follow both Already Famous and Airwalk on Twitter.
2.Click this link to send out a tweet. OR tweet “@Airwalk_online and @skatefamously. If you didn’t know, you do now. #weouthere”

We will pick one winner today at 3pm Eastern time. Start tweeting!

Mike Vallely Giveaway

The one and only Mike V has been a pro skater for 25 years and we’re helping him celebrate! This week (4/30 -5/4) we’re giving away 25 pairs of his signature kicks! We’ll be giving away five pairs of shoes each day for the next five days. This week of celebration will be capped off by his 25th anniversary party on Catalina Island this Saturday.

So, what do you have to do to enter this rad giveaway? It’s almost too easy. Check out the deets below.

1.Follow both Mike V and Airwalk on Twitter.

2.Click this link to send out a tweet. OR tweet “Yo @mikevallely! @airwalk_online and I wanted to say congrats on 25 years of pro skateboarding”

3.Each day at 6pm ET, we’ll pick five winners!

Contest valid for US and Canadian citizens only, must be 18 or older. Style and size are subject to change.

CONTEST UPDATE: This contest has closed! Thanks for participating.