Airwalk Surfers in Mexico!

Airwalk surfer Granger Larsen is competing at the Los Cabos Open of Surf this week and the lovely Anastasia Ashley is commentating on the Live Webcast. Watch the action now by clicking here.

Airwalk Surfer Warren Matcalfe

You may not hear as much about Warren Metcalfe as you do some of our other athletes, but that’s only because he leads a life that most of us envy. Warren spends the majority of his year down in Mexico, relaxing on the beach, shredding waves, and enjoying warm weather nearly year round. While some of you may just cursed his name, we can assure you that he works diligently to perfect his craft. Check out this video if you need some proof.

Warren Metcalfe – Tarzan Gringo

Airwalk surfer Warren Metcalfe did something we all desperately try to avoid while in Mexico; run into the police. Fortunately for him it was just for trespassing to go surfing. However, he did find himself in the local paper labeled as “Tarzan Gringo”, which will most assuredly become his new nickname here at Airwalk HQ.

Warren Metcalfe and Dirt Nasty

One of the best things about living in Mexico is, you often have someone famous to chill with. Think about it – it’s a short trip from LA, it’s tropical, and drinks are cheap. Airwalk Surfer Warren Metcalfe most recently got to kick it with rapper Dirt Nasty. We’re sure they were both on their best behavior that night.

Warren Rubbin’ Elbows…

Airwalk Surfer Warren Metcalfe is down in Cabo catchin’ monster waves, and hangin’ out at his new restaurant. But what does he do in his spare time? Well, apparently he rubs elbows with Hollywood actors. Check out this picture of him and actress Juliette Lewis.

Where’s Warren?

Airwalk surfer Warren Metcalfe has been keeping busy south of the border competing in the Latin Tour. Above is a picture of him in Mexico, as well as a video from Brazil.

Warren Metcalfe Bungee Jumping

Warren Metcalfe is down in Mexico filming a pilot that he’s going to be pitching soon called Cabos San Lucas. Above is some behind the scenes footage of Warren taking a leap of faith!

Warren Metcalfe in search…

Airwalk pro surfer Warren Metcalfe has been adventuring around Puerto Rico and Mexico in search of good waves and good times. There’s always fun to be had when this guy is around!