Monday’s With Mike V Episode 4

Mike V is back this week with another one of his bi-monthly episodes of “Monday’s with Mike”. For this particular episode, Mike V meets up with San Jose native Jason Adams to talk about his art. They also spend some time shreddin’ the skate park, but would you really expect any less from these guys?

Mondays with Mike V.

Airwalk skater Mike Vallely just released the first episode of Mondays with Mike V. In this episode Mike shreds up Woodward West and other Southern CA skate spots for “The Kilian Sessions”. These episodes are featured on RIDE Channel’s YouTube channel, so make sure to check them out regularly.

Mike Vallely at Groton Skate Park

Airwalk skater Mike Vallely was out at Groton Skate Park in Connecticut last month. Here’s a quick two minute edit from his shred sesh. When you’re done checking this out, head over to his team page to see the rest of his content!

Photo Recap: Mike V’s 25th Anniversary

Last weekend Mike V had his 25th Anniversary Party out on Catalina Island in Southern California. The day long celebration included a skate demo from the man himself, as well as a huge party with a special guest performance by Mike’s good friend, Ben Harper. We’ll be bringing you a recap video shortly, but wanted to share some of these rad pics, courtesy of Eric Hendrikx.

If you didn’t already congratulate Mike V on his legendary career, make sure to do so via twitter.

Mike Vallely Giveaway

The one and only Mike V has been a pro skater for 25 years and we’re helping him celebrate! This week (4/30 -5/4) we’re giving away 25 pairs of his signature kicks! We’ll be giving away five pairs of shoes each day for the next five days. This week of celebration will be capped off by his 25th anniversary party on Catalina Island this Saturday.

So, what do you have to do to enter this rad giveaway? It’s almost too easy. Check out the deets below.

1.Follow both Mike V and Airwalk on Twitter.

2.Click this link to send out a tweet. OR tweet “Yo @mikevallely! @airwalk_online and I wanted to say congrats on 25 years of pro skateboarding”

3.Each day at 6pm ET, we’ll pick five winners!

Contest valid for US and Canadian citizens only, must be 18 or older. Style and size are subject to change.

CONTEST UPDATE: This contest has closed! Thanks for participating.

25 Years of Pro Skateboarding

Next week we’ll be celebrating Mike Vallely’s 25th anniversary of being a pro skater! Check our facebook, twitter and website for awesome old school content and giveaways, as we get ready for one epic party out on Catalina Island. Make sure to tune in to catch all of next week’s fun.

Mike V at Tampa Pro 2012

Airwalk legend Mike Vallely was down in Tampa this past weekend for the 18th annual Tampa Pro. This event means quite a bit for Mike V. as he’s won it before, 18 years ago! After a few runs, and three broken boards, Mike landed this epic trick. Watch as the crowd goes absolutely insane.

Most Influential Skaters of All Time

Airwalk legend Mike Vallely was recently recognized by Transworld Skate as one of the most influential skaters of all time. His free and uninhibited skate style landed him at number 22 out of 30. Check out the rest of the list, and see if you agree with their selections. Either way, make sure tweet at Mike V and tell him congrats.

Mike Vallely’s Skateboard Party

What’s your favorite way to kill time? Whatever you answer was, it’s about to change. Airwalk Skater Mike Vallely has come out with a rad new game for your iPhone or iPad. Aside from having something to do while Grandma is telling another boring story, you can also check out sweet Airwalk clothes and kicks.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to head to itunes and pick it up!

Mike V’s Skate Playlist

We recently asked the Airwalk team for their favorite tunes to shred to. Skater Mike Vallely was one of the first ones to respond. There’s some classic rock, metal and punk – which is pretty much what we expected! Check out his playlist below.

Mike V’s Playlist

Bad Brains “Secret 77″
Samhain “Let The Day Begin”
Danzig “Am I Demon”
The Ramones “I Want To Live”
Ozzy Osbourne “Over The Mountain”
Kiss “Love Gun”
Black Sabbath “Paranoid”
Pantera “A New Level”
Minor Threat “Betrayed”
Suicidal Tendencies “You Can’t Bring Me Down”
Metallica ” For Whom The Bell Tolls”
Van Halen “Panama”
Cheap Trick “Surrender”