Tulio Oliveira 2012 Video

Tulio Oliveira is straight up owning it down in Brazil. This street skater just released his own shoe down there, has been organizing competitions, and continues to shred each and every day. We had a chance to bring Tulio out to Panama City for our photo shoot and caught a ton of amazing footage of him and Andy Mac skating through the city. Here’s a little recap of the action.

Skate Photo Shoot

Once we finished up with the surf photo shoot, we made our way from the beach into the city. Andy Macdonald and Tulio Oliveira have been tearing it up in Panama, and we made sure to sneak a couple behind-the-scenes pics for you.

Surf Photo Shoot

It’s hot down here in Panama, but the beer is cold and our surf photo shoot is going great. We’ve been snapping some pics using our instagram account (follow us @airwalk_online), but we thought we would share them here too. Make sure to check back in later this week when we share some exclusive skate photos of Andy Mac and Tulio Oliveira!