25th Anniversary Video

You saw the tweets. You saw the Facebook Posts. Now see all the action from our 25th Anniversary party out in Hollywood. Special thanks to our team, Red Vines, Pabst, the Colony, and Chiddy Bang for an epic celebration.

Setting up for the Party

We’re here in Hollywood hustling to get everything ready for the party. It’s been a crazy day so far, but everything is really coming together. Here’s a few pics of the work we’ve been doing so far! Also, not sure if you heard, but we decided to do free shipping for the next 25 days starting today for our 25th anniversary. Head over and pick something up!

Airwalk Online Store

Airwalks 25th Anniversary Party

We’re kickin it old school and celebrating our 25th anniversary party in Hollywood, California. Chiddy Bang will be performing, some top notch athletes will be mingling, and there will be some classic Airwalks representing! We are giving away some tickets, but you have to check Facebook and Twitter to find out how to win them!