Tulio Oliveira’s Signature Shoe

Our South American street skater Tulio Oliveira has his first pair of Airwalk signature kicks droppin’ later this month. Tulio’s already been shredding up Sao Paulo in these and absolutely loves them. Right now these are only available down in Brazil, but that may change soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Another Classic Game of SKATE

Airwalk athlete Tulio Oliviera hosted another game of SKATE down in Brazil. What a solid turnout, and competition. Nice work, Tulio!

Tulio hosting another game of SKATE!

Airwalk athlete, Tulio Oliviera, will be hosting another game of SKATE down in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Make sure to check out all the details on his event page on Facebook.

Tulio hosts a game of SKATE

Tulio recently hosted an epic game of SKATE down in Brazil. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun down there.