Andy Macdonald Podiums in China

Whenever Andy Macdonald skates in China he ends up on the podium. This year is no exception as he took home the silver in the mini mega contest and the bronze in the vert contest at the Kia World Extreme Games in Shanghai. Congrats Andy!

Tulio On The Podium!

China is a lucky place for Tulio as he always seems to podium when he competes in the Kia Extreme Games. This year he is taking home the bronze medal in the street contest. Team Airwalk is racking up the medals!

Andy Mac Wins Gold In China

Andy Macdonald took the top spot on the podium after an amazing showing at the mini mega contest. He also landed 3rd place in the vert contest. Sounds like he had quite the trip out to Shanghai. Way to go Andy!

Tulio Oliveira China Tour Video

Tulio Oliveira has already been to China three times this year. That’s a lot of Kung Pao Chicken, which coincidentally we’re now craving. Lunch plans aside, Tulio recently put together this little edit from one of his trips there. Take a minute to watch as he shreds the streets of Shanghai.

Andy Mac Takes the Gold!

Andy Macdonald kicks of the 2012 skate season with a gold medal win in Shanghai. With an exceptional run in the Vert finals, Andy scored an 87, putting him at the top of the podium at X Games Asia. Watch Andy’s killer run here.

While in China, Andy also took 4th place in the Mini Mega Ramp contest, cheered on Airwalk teammate Tulio Oliveira as he competed in the Street contest, and visited Airwalk retail stores to greet local fans.

Andy has a busy contest schedule ahead of him, so make sure you check out his website to stay on top of his whereabouts.

Tulio and Andy Are Off to Shanghai

Airwalk skaters Andy Macdonald and Tulio Oliveira are packing up and heading out to Shanghai for the Asia X Games. One week from today, Tulio will be tearing up the street course, and Andy will be killing it on Vert and Mini Mega. Andy always does well out there, as he’s already taken home five gold medals from Asia.

Good luck out there guys!