2014 Battle For the Bronx

In 2014 Airwalk continues its support and partnership with the Harold Hunter Foundation. One of the components of the partnership is the Airwalk flow team of NYC-based skateboarders. On May 17th this team along with Airwalk am Carlo Carezzano competed in the 6th Annual Battle For The Bronx. A local event produced by Indigenous Skateboard owner Alberto Correa, the Battle For The Bronx was community organized, skater run and full of amazing energy and sick skating. Check out our video from the event filmed by Angel Fonseca and edited by Ambar Cruceta, both HHF Filmer Project interns.

The Sorry is Back

When the Sorry was originally released by Airwalk in the early 90′s it was nothing to apologize for. This classic shoe was only called the Sorry because we were sorry we didn’t come out with them sooner. A skate-worthy shoe with casual styling, the Sorry left you with no regrets. So to help make amends, we are re-releasing the original Sorry for the first time since 1993. So check ‘em out and we promise….you won’t be sorry. Available only on Airwalk.com

Get the Sorry: http://ow.ly/xDJvA

Andy Macdonald Podiums in China

Whenever Andy Macdonald skates in China he ends up on the podium. This year is no exception as he took home the silver in the mini mega contest and the bronze in the vert contest at the Kia World Extreme Games in Shanghai. Congrats Andy!

Airwalk x Already Famous – Carlo Carezzano

Airwalk skater Carlo Carezzano gives us a glimpse into the epic year he had in 2013 while splitting his time between the Dominican Republic and New York. When he wasn’t out filming or working with the Harold Hunter Foundation, Carlo was throwing down in contests all over the U.S. Somehow he also found time to hang out with his friends and teach inner city kids how to skate. Pretty awesome dude!

Already Famous Crew in Brooklyn

Photographer Paul Park was slated with following our Already Famous crew around the streets of Brooklyn to capture a day in the life of these guys. Skaters Justin Kinard and Wade Yates had a full day of hanging with little kids, stopping by a local sub shop and of course hitting up the best shred spots in the city.

Check out the full album on Already Famous facebook page.

Recap Video: Tulio in China

We had the Airwalk skate team out in Shanghai for the Kia Extreme games. Unfortunately we couldn’t make the trip, but we were lucky enough to have Tulio filming the whole thing. Check out this sweet little edit he put toghether of his fellow teammates ripping up vert as well as some of Tulio’s runs that landed him third place in the Street competition.

Tulio On The Podium!

China is a lucky place for Tulio as he always seems to podium when he competes in the Kia Extreme Games. This year he is taking home the bronze medal in the street contest. Team Airwalk is racking up the medals!

Andy Mac Wins Gold In China

Andy Macdonald took the top spot on the podium after an amazing showing at the mini mega contest. He also landed 3rd place in the vert contest. Sounds like he had quite the trip out to Shanghai. Way to go Andy!

Hype Up Skateboarding with Saddam

Our Hollywood friends are at it again! Check out the new teaser trailer for “Skateboarding with Saddam” independent film. We shared some BTS pics of the trailer shoot last month, and the final product is pretty awesome. The shoes look pretty damn good if we don’t say so ourselves. The crew is also asking Airwalk fans to “hype” the film on Filmbreak.com. Click on the link below, log in, raise the “hype meter” and you will be helping the team make this project happen. Who doesn’t want to see a skate film with a circa 1991 storyline?


Already Famous in the DR Update #1

We just received another update from Justin. Check out what he and Wade are up to down in the Dominican Republic.

After having done the demo and signing I’m trying hard to find an adequate word to explain the experience.

Cool, isn’t enough; Awesome doesn’t cut it. Even amazing falls slightly short. How about..life changing. Yes, life-changing should suffice. I’ll start with the signing. We arrived to a crowd of maybe 20-30 kids. Some of them were skating off the stage, the others talking while others watched us comes in and set our stuff down. I’ve grown used to the look on their faces by now seeing as how that’s how every native had looked at us since we got on the plane. It was one of curious examination. Amusing in that it reminded me that I wasn’t as good as I thought at blending in, but not at all too off-putting. As the table began to get set up with product, and I started skating the stage as well, more kids started pouring in. The original plan was to just throw out some products, sign some things and shut it down, but after watching the kids huck themselves off the stage, we knew we just HAD to have a contest. After about 30 minutes of watching the local talent and distributing prizes, it was time for the signing. Seeing as how I am by no means famous (at least not in my own eyes) it felt a little strange signing autographs for the delighted faces that lined up to greet us.

Even stranger was the numerous requests for photos we got when it was all over.

As I posed for photo after photo, I began to realize that it didn’t matter to these kids whether or not they we were professional skateboarders as it’s defined in America, it didn’t matter if they even knew our names; the skaters of D.R. were just happy to see that someone cared enough to come to their country and support their scene.

There is A LOT of talent in the Dominican Republic. My wish is that other companies will make the effort to come out here, see and support their scene. Build some new and much needed parks.

We held the demo at Montecino skate park, the only skate park in Zona Colonia and one that could definitely use some love.
(If any skatepark-building foundation is reading, take notice) But I digress. All in all it was a blast. We managed to put on a pretty crazy demo, the cheers and applause almost never stopped.

After an insane product toss where we gave boards to the kids whose boards were the worst and the hungry little shredders took even the shirt off my back, we gave away a few more autographs, some photos ops and escaped into the van to relax, pack and get ready to get back on the road to Cabarete the following morning.

To catch up on everything that’s happened on the trip, click here.