Anastasia Ashley’s 2014 Video

Have you ever wondered what the perfect life would be like? We think Anastasia Ashley has it figured out. Surfing the best breaks, exploring world-renowned beaches and traveling the globe all while wearing the latest fashions and cute shoes…sounds like a dream! Anastasia’s 2014 Airwalk video shows us just how she does it and we are stoked to present it to you!

Anastasia Ashley in Time Flies Video

Anastasia recently starred in the Time Flies music video for their new single “All The Way”. Check out her behind the scenes shots and the video which features a ton of great surf action from Anastasia.

Airwalk Women’s 2014

The 2014 Airwalk Women’s Collection video. A behind-the-scenes look at the Airwalk Women’s photoshoot featuring Anastasia Ashley.

Where Granger Larsen Ranks

After surfing in the Pipe Masters this pas weekend, Granger Larsen finished the year at #35 on the World Rankings, his highest finish to date! Looking forward to a great year in 2014.

Granger Larsen – Cascais Pro

Airwalk surfer Granger Larsen packed his surfboard and flew across the Atlantic to hit up the Cascais Billabong Pro. Granger had a pretty good run, making it all the way to the quarter finals.

2013 Red Bull Qiantang River Surfing Tournament

Airwalk surfer Anastasia Ashley snatched up third place at the 2013 Red Bull Qiantang River Surfing Tournament in China last weekend. Shoot her a tweet and say congrats!

Q & A with Anastasia Ashley

Airwalk surfer Anastasia Ashley leads a busy life. She’s obviously an accomplished pro surfer, but she also attends photo shoots, beach clean-ups, and is known to party, from time to time. Since a lot of you already know these things about her, we wanted you to hear a few other random tidbits as well.

Airwalk: If you were the star of a reality show what would the show be called?

AA: Probably Anastasia’s Wild Life, or Anastasia’s Crazy Adventures, or maybe if I was lucky Anastasia Boo Boo.

Airwalk: Outside of action sports what would be your dream sponsor deal?

AA: Most definitely Starbucks, you can never go wrong with too much coffee!

Airwalk: If you could see any band play, past or present, who would it be?

AA: I have always wanted to see U2 in concert, I have never seen them, so they are the one band I hope to wipe off them my bucket list.

Airwalk: What’s the most embarrassing band or artist on your ipod?

AA: Probably Miley Cyrus, I love her music. It’s pretty catchy even though it’s straight cheesy pop.

Airwalk: Who’s the best James Bond?

AA: Pierce Bronson, no competition. He’s my favorite, but if I was to pick a second place it would be Sean Connery.

Airwalk: Do you have a good luck charm that you take with you when you travel?

AA: Yes, my cute stuffed animals. (did I really admit that?)

Airwalk: If your surf style were an animal, what would it be?

AA:Definitely a cat, because it’s fierce and feisty!

Sunset Beach Clean Up

Airwalk and Airwalk pro-surfer Anastasia Ashley teamed up with The Surfrider Foundation Oahu Chapter for the annual Sunset Beach Clean Up event in Haleiwa, HI this past weekend. In its third year, the event not only cleans and helps preserve Oahu beaches; it provides an opportunity to educate the public about ocean-related issues. Airwalk provided t-shirts to all volunteers for their hard work and joining in for a great day of environmentally friendly fun.

An Update from Warren

This was my first surf trip back from breaking my leg. I was hoping to grab some entries for “Wave Of The Summer Contest,” but I ended up catching the swell a few days after the contest ended. Either way it was a great trip. I was a bit under gunned board wise and apprehensive of my recent injury but once I got a couple good ones I felt right at home. I’m stoked to be dusting off the cob webs in such an awesome place.

- Warren Metcalfe

Airwalk Surfer Warren Matcalfe

You may not hear as much about Warren Metcalfe as you do some of our other athletes, but that’s only because he leads a life that most of us envy. Warren spends the majority of his year down in Mexico, relaxing on the beach, shredding waves, and enjoying warm weather nearly year round. While some of you may just cursed his name, we can assure you that he works diligently to perfect his craft. Check out this video if you need some proof.