Anastasia Ashley’s 2014 Video

Have you ever wondered what the perfect life would be like? We think Anastasia Ashley has it figured out. Surfing the best breaks, exploring world-renowned beaches and traveling the globe all while wearing the latest fashions and cute shoes…sounds like a dream! Anastasia’s 2014 Airwalk video shows us just how she does it and we are stoked to present it to you!

Where Granger Larsen Ranks

After surfing in the Pipe Masters this pas weekend, Granger Larsen finished the year at #35 on the World Rankings, his highest finish to date! Looking forward to a great year in 2014.

Granger in the Triple Crown

This week kicks off the Triple Crown on the North Shore of Oahu. If Airwalk surfer Granger Larsen can get some solid results in this contest, he’ll be on the World Tour next year. We’re cheering for you, buddy!

Anastasia on

Airwalk surfer Anastasia Ashley was recently featured in ESPN W. The article goes in depth with Anastasia looking at her past, overcoming tragedies in life, and her rise to success. Make sure to head over to their site to check out the full story.

Anastasia Ashley in the Honda Pro

Airwalk surfer Anastasia Ashley is back from her fun in the sun at Coachella, and is ready to take on the first event in the American Pro Surfing Series. The Honda Pro at Huntington Beach runs the 28th and 29th of this month, so make sure to tweet at Anastasia and wish her the best of luck!

Warren Metcalfe – Tarzan Gringo

Airwalk surfer Warren Metcalfe did something we all desperately try to avoid while in Mexico; run into the police. Fortunately for him it was just for trespassing to go surfing. However, he did find himself in the local paper labeled as “Tarzan Gringo”, which will most assuredly become his new nickname here at Airwalk HQ.

Anastasia Ashley in Men’s Fitness

Airwalk sweetheart Anastasia Ashley was recently featured in Men’s Fitness Australia. She was asked a range of questions about her surfing career, as well as a few on relationships, men, and how she likes her peanut butter. She likes it very crunchy, in case you were wondering.

Warren Metcalfe in search…

Airwalk pro surfer Warren Metcalfe has been adventuring around Puerto Rico and Mexico in search of good waves and good times. There’s always fun to be had when this guy is around!