Airwalk x Transworld Skateboarding

We naturally think that Airwalk has made on the skate world, and Transworld Skateboarding recently threw us a nod to that effect in their 2013 Product Guide. Accompanying the new product listings, Transworld compiled a historical timeline of the evolutions of skate gear and included Airwalk twice! Check out the 540° ° Prototypes in 1988 and the NTS in 1992. And, of course, go pick up a Transworld to see for yourself!

To check out Airwalk’s full history, click here.

Anastasia in the Press

Airwalk darling Anastasia Ashley has been everywhere in the press lately! Normally we’re giving you the heads up on one mention, but this time around we have three. First we have the 7Sky Magazine from Europe, then Golden Ride Magazine from Germany, and finally Transworld Surf Mag’s Women’s Issue. Big ups to AA on all of her recent recognition!