Recap Video: Tulio in China

We had the Airwalk skate team out in Shanghai for the Kia Extreme games. Unfortunately we couldn’t make the trip, but we were lucky enough to have Tulio filming the whole thing. Check out this sweet little edit he put toghether of his fellow teammates ripping up vert as well as some of Tulio’s runs that landed him third place in the Street competition.

Tulio On The Podium!

China is a lucky place for Tulio as he always seems to podium when he competes in the Kia Extreme Games. This year he is taking home the bronze medal in the street contest. Team Airwalk is racking up the medals!

Tulio Oliveira China Tour Video

Tulio Oliveira has already been to China three times this year. That’s a lot of Kung Pao Chicken, which coincidentally we’re now craving. Lunch plans aside, Tulio recently put together this little edit from one of his trips there. Take a minute to watch as he shreds the streets of Shanghai.

Tulio Oliveira’s Signature Shoe

Our South American street skater Tulio Oliveira has his first pair of Airwalk signature kicks droppin’ later this month. Tulio’s already been shredding up Sao Paulo in these and absolutely loves them. Right now these are only available down in Brazil, but that may change soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Tulio Tears up NY

In Mountain Dew’s skate video series, Back to the Boroughs, Tulio Oliveira and a few other choice skaters tear up NY one borough at a time. This newly released episode features them in Queens. Next up – Manhattan.

Tulio on ESPN again!

We’re so happy to have Tulio as a part of the Airwalk team because let’s face it, the guy is killing it. Make sure to watch ESPN later today to catch the full video premier from his trip to Barcelona.

Nice work Tulio!

Tulio hosting another game of SKATE!

Airwalk athlete, Tulio Oliviera, will be hosting another game of SKATE down in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Make sure to check out all the details on his event page on Facebook.